AN URGENT MESSAGE: To Farmville addicts eager to take their game to the next level and beyond.

The creator of the original No.1 bestselling Farmville Secrets guide is back. And this time... he's got a score to settle...

  Farmville Champion

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From: Tony 'TDub' Sanders

Re: NEW Farmville Champ

Dear Soon-To-Be Farmville Champion

If you want to be a Farmville champion and the envy of all your Facebook friends... this is the exciting news you've been waiting for.

Now you'll never have to spend time broke while other players flaunt their expensive villas. Instead, you'll soar high above your neighbors with this collection of true "insider" secrets.

Hi, Tony Sanders here.

You know me. I'm that guy who can't rest until he's reached the highest possible score on a video game. If there's a new reward or secret level hidden away in a game... I have to find it.

It's my mission to ruthlessly dominate any online game that grabs my attention.

And with Farmville I found the ultimate social gaming experience. A game that never stops rewarding its players no matter how much you achieve.

So stay with me for the next 7 minutes because...

But first, it's important you understand I have another agenda. You see, I'm on a revenge mission.

Let me explain...

When I burst onto the scene with Farmville Secrets, I was surprised how popular it turned out to be.

Tell you the truth, I was left slack-jawed at the number of people who invested in the guide and saw unrivaled achievements with Farmville.

"But There Was An After Effect
To Farmville Secrets' Success..."

The copycats.

I don't want to slate the guys who took my information and released their own 'guides'. That wouldn't be polite. :)

Let me tell you what I've done instead...

If you want to truly master Farmville... if you want to become a champion and the envy of your friends and neighbors...

I've put together a Farmville masterclass for you.

I'm determined to slay every other Farmville "how to" guide out there. And I think I've succeeded.

This is like nothing else you've ever seen.

First, let me back up a little...

I began playing Farmville much like any other gamer. In my spare time, casually tending to my field while surfing the net.

Then one day out of nowhere... it grabbed hold of me in a weird way. I couldn't get through a day without planting some crops or making a nice profit on some strawberries. Sounds kinda funny now, but the fact is...

The game had me by the cojones!

I became obsessed with mastering the thing.

Growing crops and selling them for cash soon became too little to satisy my Farmville desire. I had to level up... I needed to create the most flat-out, jaw dropping farm possible. And fast.

"Yeah, Farmville kinda took over my life for a while..."

But if you've played the game, you know you need to always keep an eye on things. And if you want to advance quickly, it means being chained to your computer night and day to make sure those crops don't wither and die.

Or so I thought.

I began to look enviously at my Farmville neighbors and wonder... "how did they get such cool farms?" They had villas, windmills, greenhouses, all the vehicles, all the animals...

How were they doing it?

Was there some hack or cheat to get to the top?

I decided right there and then to crack the Farmville code and beat the game... but fairly.

After all, where's the feeling of satisfaction when you cheat?

It's kind of amazing what you can do in Farmville once you know the secrets.

Here's how I gathered a collection of tips and tricks only the elite players know about...

First, I befriended some of the top Farmville players. You know those guys who have plantations, tractors, windmills and greenhouses? I cosied up to them in the hope they'd spill some of their secrets without realizing it...

...  and sure enough they squealed
like the little piggies on their farms!

It was almost too easy. So I compiled all of these secrets into a document and called it Farmville Secrets.

Fans of the game from all around the world snapped it up. They were eager to discover how I managed to snatch the $1,000,000 villa, the plantation, the best vehicles and all the decorations.

But then things started to go downhill.

I'll tell you what happened in just a second. For now, let me introduce the next level in Farmville revelations.

With this you'll be able to master Farmville. And then some...

Amaze your Farmville buddies and shoot to the top of your friends list...
Level up fast, get the most cash and quickly join the ranks of elite players...
Scream past other Farmville gurus who have been playing for months in only a few short days...
Get all the limited editon collectibles and decorations with ease...
Farm smarter not harder and become the envy of your friends and neighbors...


Tony, I'm a Farmville addict.  Show me how to get the edge...

It's always been my belief that if somebody wrongs you in some way, you don't hit back... you get revenge in other ways.

If people throw rocks at me I build a castle.

Sure, maybe I'm going a little over the top. After all, this is just Farmville right?

But I sweated blood over my Farmville Secrets guide and to see it diluted by copycats out to make a quick buck... it gets to me.

And that's why I created Farmville Champion.

My plan was to put together the ultimate all-in-one Farmville domination blueprint. And I've succeeded.

It's so much better than just a flimsy pdf file. I've put together a deluxe video set. Now you get to see all the tricks, methods and tactics happen in front of your eyes.

Right there on your desktop you can experience Farmville to the full. How to grab the $5million mansion, villas, the decorations, level up at turbo-speed and max out your cash.

All in glorious technicolor.

Here's a taste of what you'll uncover...

How to almost drown in Farmvile cash and coins WITHOUT using your credit card or dipping into your Paypal account...
The secrets behind tracking your crop planting which are the little-known key to Farmville success...
How to net more experience points faster by mastering planting and farming cycles. (Once you 'get' this, you'll wonder why you wasted so much time already.)
Why you don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to succeed with Farmville. (Discover my short-cut secrets to level up and grab the lion's share of cash and property while everybody else busts their ass.)
Why you need friends and neighbors to progress quickly... and why an automated request is the WORST way to recruit them (Plus what you should do instead to build an inner circle of Farmville elite players.)
Revealed: The crop you MUST start with to get the most amount of cash. (In fact -- you'll get 4 times your investment when you plant this overlooked crop.)
How to fire up Farmville and grab whatever you want. All the seasonal stuff, all the collectibles. Own the million coin farm TODAY...

After I'd built a war chest of brand new tactics I decided to test them out on struggling Farmville newbies.

It wasn't hard to find them. 

My fame had grown and with it the number of emails, friend requests, heck... even death threats, were growing daily.

See, some people wanted to know my secrets. Others were insanely jealous of the power I had. But there was a small selection of "fan mail" from people who genuinely wanted help. Who were desperate to get to the top.

So with this small group of virtual farming warriors I formed my own inner circle of Farmville gurus. I began to teach them, train them and prove to them my crazy ideas worked.

We started off instant messaging and then sharing secrets on Skype. But soon, I knew I'd need to show them how to attain total mastery.

So I created a unique set of videos specifically for my inner circle.

Visual walkthroughs that reveal every secret, trick and tactic only the Farmville creators are privy to.

And now you get to see them for yourself.

Just look at what some members of my inner circle had to say...


"I Hope You Take This Guide Off the Market Soon So The FV and Coins Secret Stays Safe!"

I don't have much time to play FarmVille but I just love the fact that with minimal play, I have managed to maximize my farm! This guide is so unbelievably impressive that all my points and stats are through the roof!

The large amount of coins and FV money which I constantly get is the main talking point among all my friends... but I'm not telling them your secret!

In just three quick weeks, I am now the top of the pile of among my friends... and because I'm so appreciative, attached is a screenshot of my farm!

Thanks so much again. I hope you take this guide off the market soon so the FV and Coins secret stays safe! :)

Steffi Daniels

"I've Overtaken People Who Have
Played The Game For Over
Three Months!"

I just finished using the tips from your guide and I'm extremely impressed. I just started and never thought I could be good at this game.

After two weeks, I've overtaken people who have played the game for over three months!

This book is awesome - it's all useful information and it didn't assume I knew everything about the entire game from the start.

Everything is described step-by-step and there's no fluff and filler though which makes it easier than I ever expected to build my fantastic Farm!

Thanks for showing how easy this can be!

Graham Johnson

"It Took Me 4 Days To Get To Level 20 And Now I'm On Cruise Control..."

This guide has changed how I play FarmVille, even more than I thought was possible.

Without the guide, I spent 1 month getting to Level 10 but after using the secrets, it only took me 4 more days to get to Level 20 and now I'm on cruise control.

Jen Curry

Let me just give you a warning about what is likely to happen once you have these tactics in your possession.

Suddenly you'll get a lot of "friends" who want to know your secrets.

And those friends you already have will be knocking down your door in the hope you'll reveal all.

Whether you do or not is up to you...

... but I'm betting you'll keep these tactics close to your chest.

They give you an advantage and the chance to showcase your success in front of jealous eyes.

It's kinda fun to tell the truth.

So now... let me give you a sneaky peek as to what's in this video collection...

It's not enough for me to reveal the secrets in writing.  I have to SHOW YOU how it's done too.

In the Farmville Champion Top Secret videos you'll discover...

How to plow, plant and harvest like the pros...
How to harvest and plant at lightning speed...
How to buy trees continuously...
How to level up at a rapid rate...
How to get 2 chicken coops...
How to create golden mystery eggs...
How to build structures in full-on 3D...

... and that's just a snippet of what you'll find out in this 'members only' video set.

Nowhere else can you get step-by-step video instruction like this. You'll be leveling up and growing a farm to envy in no time at all.

Ok, I really want these videos. Let me at it!

That's the best part.

I'm going to turn you into a Farmville champion in no time flat. And I'm going to do it with video after video of level-upping goodness :)

If you're a true Farmville addict, this information is easily worth a couple of hundred bucks just for the extra enjoyment and bragging rights I'll give you.

Just think about the hours of time and desperate pleading with Farmville gurus it would take to get all these secrets.

You can save all that time and hassle by getting them altogether in one place right now.

If you look around at the other pretenders to my Farmville throne... you'll see you can get flimsy pdfs for anything up to $97.

Right now you can get this complete course of Farmville blueprints, interactive programs and over 20 videos for only $47.

It's worth way more than that but... my mission here is to show the copycats how it's done.

I'm painfully aware how this stuff will be ripped off by inferior gamers within days of this launching.

So make sure you get the original version now for the best possible value.

Get hold of Farmville Champion today for only $47 and dominate the playing field immediately.

And if you just want to take it for a test drive...


I want you to SEE the difference before you pay a penny.

When armed with these sought-after insights, your game will improve in leaps and bounds.

You'll be able to buy whatever you want, villas, decorations, all the collectibles... and lavishly pimp out your farm.

And I want to PROVE to you all the stuff inside Farmville Champion can't be found elsewhere.

This is top secret stuff and I only want dedicated Farmville friends to be in on it.

So, download the guide and all the videos.

Pour yourself a coffee, sit back and watch as I reveal the kinds of secrets the Farmville creators thought would never see the light of day...

And if you're not blown away by what you see.

If your jaw doesn't drop to the floor at the secrets exposed.

Fine. Just drop me a line for a speedy refund.

It's my TDub promise to you that unless you're thrilled with my product... I don't want you to pay a dime.

You have nothing to lose but a totally decked out farm to gain...

So you see, there's really no risk at all.

Let me show you what I've got and then you can decide whether I get to keep your $47.

To sweeten the deal further... and to make absolutely sure this is the ultimate Farmville guide in the galaxy... 

I'm going to throw in these...

Underground Farmville Stats

This detailed, color-coded, at-a-glance program tells you...

  • Which crops grow the fastest, yield the most and have the most experience points... 
  • How much profit or experience points you'll gain for each size of plot... 
  • Easy to understand expert analysis of crop times, profit and experience... 

The Pro Stats program is for the advanced Farmville fanatic.

When you become deadly serious about owning the world's most lavish farm... the Pro Stats become your best friend.

Free Farmville Cash!

Think earning Farm Cash is a slow and painful task? Think again.

It doesn't matter what level you're at, you can use this tactic to amass as much Farmville cash as you desire.

I gotta be honest. I never thought I'd let this secret out. I've made way too much money (580 Farm Cash in the last 3 days alone!) and done it way too easily to ever let others in on my plan.

But members of my inner circle reminded me no matter how many people jump on this idea... it can never lose its potency.

So here you go, my ultimate secret to getting Farmville cash on tap.

Farmville Champ Bonus Tips!

With these top bonus tips, you'll learn how to start off with a bang! Have your friends wonder how you shot up in a short period in time, leveling up several levels a day! Also, find out how you can give and receive plenty of gifts, every day, every time!


Top Secret Farmville Champ Videos!

With my freakishly expensive screen-capture equipment, I have created these visual masterpieces for you. Now you can watch LIVE as I explain the precise formula to becoming a crop growing overlord.

Your friends and neighbors will stare in disbelief as you grow and sell crops at exactly the right time for thick wads of cash.

Give yourself the edge with this unlimited all access bumper video set...


You head over to Farmville to check on your crops.

But now things are different. You've got a ton of things to test out.

You know villas are now achievable, you can level up at rapid speed... heck you can even get hold of some cheesy decorations for your farm and buildings.

But then there's the secret stuff. You can't wait to to try these techniques out because you know your friends and neighbors are gonna say...

"Woah! How the heck did he DO that?"

It's satisfying when you have insider knowledge, when you can claim the most sought after Farmville secrets as your own.

Of course, it's up to you whether you share them or not. But I bet you don't.

WARNING:- I received some emails from members of my Farmville inner circle recently and they had some disturbing news.

Apparently a handful of the guides out there reveal cheats, hacks and exploits to unfairly get an edge on your competitors.

I want you to know everything I teach in Farmville Chapion is 100% legal and ethical.

Do anything else and you risk your account getting banned!

There's no fluff, filler or cheating in Farmville Champion, just proven methods from hundreds of hours spent on my virtual farm.

Go ahead and download the videos now... Farmville is about to become even more enjoyable...


TDub... show me the secrets to conquering Farmville.  Let me get hold of everything the game has to offer so I can become the envy of my friends...

I understand I get immediate access to...

The Farmville Champion blueprint - a step by step guide to total success with Farmville
Farmville Champion Top Secret Video Footage - full, high-quality videos revealing the most jealously guarded secrets of all...
Speed Levelling Blueprint - how to level-up at an alarming rate...
Crop Mastery - achieve level 3 mastery in record time...
Farmville Pro Stats - for the advanced player who wants to get the edge...
Lifetime FREE updates. Always stay on the bleeding edge of the Farmville universe with regular upgrades as long as you stay a member...
Free Farm Cash - for the players who want ALL the Limited Edition items... for free!

And I'm protected by a full 60 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

I can download the entire course now and if I'm not blown away... get my money back immediately.

I have nothing to lose so I'm clicking the button below right now...

All this and so much more...

Minutes from now you'll clasp your eyes on little know Farmville methods to level-up FAST and explore parts of the game only the creators have seen.

You'll be able to scoop up enough cash to...

Get the $5,000,000 mansion...
Get your La Maison and Greenhouses Completed in Record Time...
Get all the vehicles including the tractor, harvester and seeder...
Get all the animals and watch them do their thing on your farm land...
Get to the highest possible level and turn your farm into a plantation...

In short -- you get to experience Farmville in full.  Nothing is off-limits once you know the secrets to becoming a champion.

I can't wait to hear your success stories,

Tony 'TDub' Sanders

P.S. Yes... these really are brand new Farmville secrets you won't find anywhere else. I'm sticking two fingers up at the copycats.  These full-video tactics give you supreme dominance over other gamers. Get the advantage today...

Ok TDub. This all sounds awesome... let me see these videos!

P.P.S. You have 60 days to check this out.  Think about that... you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.  At least satisfy your curiosity and take a peek at these insights... you can get the info with no risk whatsoever...

You're right. Nothing to lose here, I'm in!

P.P.P.S. I can't honestly say this offer will be here forever.  I've learned my lesson from Farmville Secrets... hang around too long and you get ripped off.  I urge you to grab this while it's still available, once it disappears the secrets will become even more valuable.  Go get it...

Woah! I better get this right now. Gimme!

"I'm On My Way To Level 35!"

Don't let yourself be fooled into thinking you don't need a guide for this game.

It may seem simple, but if you really want to get to the top, you need some help. I was there, and it was a tough road.

Now, I have everything I need and then some and I'm well on my way to Level 35.

Denise Muller

"I'm Cleaning Up Now And
My Farm Is Incredible..."

I thought it was silly at first, but then, after reading through Farmville Secrets, I was shocked to see just how much better I could be playing this game.

I'm cleaning up now and my farm is incredible.

Dennis Morin

"I Didn't Believe It At First But Getting Coins And FV Cash Is So Easy!"

When I first came across this guide, alarm bells were ringing.

After all my time spent playing this game, getting coins and FV cash was so difficult!

But when I downloaded this guide, I didn't believe it at first but getting coins and FV cash is so easy!

Now, I have a villa and pink tractors!

You're the best!

Karla Santiago


Ok 'TDub' I Wasn't Sure At First
But Now I Can See Why This Is The No.1
Farmville Video Guide In The World.
Let's Get Started...




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